#LIMEstories – MEET MICHAEL, an enthusiastic and motivated participant of the LIME Project!

5 August 2020

Here is the story of one of the participants of the LIME Project pilot action in Spain, Michael. 

Micheal’s journey started when he decided to move from Africa to Spain. He first moved to Andalusia, where life has not been easy for him, so he decided to move again to Madrid one year ago, and since then “life has been so good”!

Michael has been learning Spanish for the past 6 months and he managed to participate in the LIME Pilot action in Spain, implemented by our partners in Pinardi.

ALDA’s team had an interesting conversation with Michael, during which we have learnt more about his life and his experience in the program:

How did you hear about the LIME Project and how did you find this experience?

Michael joined the LIME project upon the recommendation of his boss since he is always keen to improve himself and learn more. “I’m a person who likes to learn; everyday I want to learn something new and improve myself” said Michael.

Michael managed to join the program easily and to attend the language classes. “It was really easy to join the program because the staff of Pinardi explained everything to me and it all went smoothly from the first day until the end of the program” explained Michael. He was also satisfied with the program and its content. “It was perfect; the topics, the teachers, I’m really happy about it, everything was nice and that motivated me to attend classes everyday”, said Michael.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Michael had to study online, however, his online learning experience was very positive. “It felt great to study online” said Michael “I would take notes during class and then go over the recording again after class. In my country I took some online courses so it was easy for me to switch to the online mode during COVID-19”.  

The LIME Program allowed Michael to learn more about life in general and professional life in particular. He learnt about teamwork, self control and self development. He said “I found something new that improves my life, something that I lack! I learnt a lot and now I’m developing a lot!”. He expressed his gratitude for this opportunity and for the chance to meet his teachers and his colleagues who had a great impact on his life. “The atmosphere, to be together, to discuss various things, I feel joy in that and it’s one of the things I liked the most about the program” said Michael. 

Anything you would like to say to people coming from non EU countries?

“Just challenge yourselves and do it” was Michael’s answer. He emphasized the importance of self development despite the possible hardships and constraints.

It was our pleasure to meet Michael. We wish him a bright and prosperous future!