ALDA meets LIME Participants!

17 July 2020

ALDA meets LIME Participants!

On 6th-7th July 2020, ALDA conducted interviews with several beneficiaries of the project from Italy and Spain.

The interviews aimed to reflect on the experiences of the beneficiaries of the project and to depict their journey throughout the program.

Each interview started with a general presentation of the participant, followed by an overview of his migration journey to Italy and Spain. Later, the participants explained how they joined the LIME project and gave their feedback about the content and the outcome of the program. 

During the first day, ALDA organized interviews with three participants from the Pilot Action in Rome: Umba Patrizia Mpemba, Frank Ugiagb and Nada Alawshabi. During the second day, four more interviews were conducted with participants from the Pilot Action in Spain, including: Eliannys, Paola and Micheal. All interviews were organized with the support of CIES and Pinardi, LIME partners in Italy and Spain.

Seven participants talked passionately about their experiences during the two intense days. The feedback was very positive and the interviews were very emotional and inspiring. 

We are very glad to have met some of the amazing and the highly motivated participants of the LIME project; some videos to portray the most significant moments of the interview will be created soon!

Stay tuned to learn more about the interesting experiences of our participants!

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