Second Focus Group of LIME’s project

13 May 2019

The research technique of the focus group of the Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta – LUMSA continues. On 13 May, the working group of the Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta – LUMSA implemented the second focus group dedicated to the Work and Training of migrants in the territory of Rome and the Lazio region. In collaboration with our partners CIES onlus, CNOS-FAP and Conf Cooperative-Roma, the activity allowed to activate group and relational dynamics able to develop a greater spontaneity, a fall in resistance and a greater confrontation between participants. This communicative and relational context, consequently, has allowed a better understanding of the problems, expectations and real opinions expressed on such a complex issue. What are the experiences and challenges of your work in integrating migrants into the labour market, what are the good practices you would like to share, what worked and what strategy would improve the effectiveness of the impact of existing programmes? What do you think about networking?

The focus was attended by 12 representatives of the different organizational and union realities: Workshop 47, Casa Scalabrini 634, Civico Zero, Asinitas, A Buon Diritto, CGIL Roma Lazio, Programma Integra, Sensacional, Progetto Diritti and CNA World. The focus group was also aimed at raising awareness among participants of the systemic logic of networking.