Third Group of PEP Refuge

18 February 2020


In mid-February, the third group of young applicants for international protection of “First Professional Experience Refugee” of Pinardi, Federación de Plataformas Sociales Salesianas and Asociación Guaraní, began in Madrid, within the European project LIME.

Following the model of the previous groups, the young participants began to attend cross-disciplinary workshops to learn about emotions, social and work skills, for example, how to work in a team, how to act in delicate situations with other colleagues, etc.

The 10 boys and girls began by reflecting and working on the commitments they wanted to fulfill for this pilot experience: respect, helping each other, being punctual, being willing, being a good professional… were the most common commitments that appeared in the group.

At the same time that they participated in these cross-disciplinary workshops, in the afternoon, they received Spanish classes with professionals from the Guarani Association. A further reinforcement for our young applicants for international protection to expand their vocabulary and learn about the work situation in Spain.

From February 24th to March 27th, there will be theoretical classes and above all practical classes in cooking to learn a profession and get a decent job, thanks to this opportunity they have to be part of the LIME project!