What is happening in the Pilot Action in Madrid?

21 December 2020

In Rome and in Madrid, the partners of the LIME consortium that operates on the ground, are working to improve the youth employability and the social and labour skills that are necessary to achieve a quality job insertion. How are they doing so? Let us show you!

In Madrid, our partners Pinardi and Guaranì, together with the company VIPS, are implementing the “First Professional Experience Refuge” action. They target participants from 18 to 29 years old with a red card working permit a level A2 of Spanish but above all according to their motivation towards the training offered. 

They want to promote their integration in the labour market by bringing the latter closer to them, giving them meaningful experience with companies and occasions of encounters with professionals. The aim is to deepen and develop their professional identity and increase their interest towards the regular labor market. At the same time, activities are done to improve their linguistic skills and support and compensate for all the other skills they already have. 

The action consisted of, first of all, 1 month intensive-training of cooking classes in which they have learnt how to use supplies, tools and kitchen facilities, rules about security and hygiene, improved their culinary skills and learn how to master food, spices condiments so as to prepare appetizers, starters, garnishes and cook and present the main dishes. Despite the covid19 pandemics, both professors and participants, have been willing to continue the formation online!

This more practical part has been accompanied by language courses in which they have learnt vocabulary related to the kitchen world but also the Spanish labour market, administrative issues and work interviews. Then, the participants had the chance to take part in a 1 to 1 mentoring program with volunteers working in companies that helped them identify specific skills, gave them advice and tackled topics such as motivation, personal identity and professional talents. 

Finally, Pinardi was active in job intermediation with companies so as to follow up and prepare the participants for the job insertion. 


We hope that this update on our Pilot projects will be of interest to you! 

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