Federación de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi

Federación de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi is a Spanish non-profit organization whose mission is the comprehensive education, especially of children, teenagers and youngsters at risk of social exclusion, as a tool for the individual’s personal development and his/her social and labour integration. Pinardi was founded in 2001, representing the Salesians’ commitment with vulnerable youth in Madrid. It currently has 9 centres spread throughout Comunidad de Madrid and Comunidad de Castilla La Mancha, some of which have been developing social projects in the area for more than 25 years. Our staff is composed of around 250 workers and over 40 volunteers who are currently attending over 10.000 people.

The main areas of expertise are:

  1. Vocational guidance, Training and Labour Integration Area: initial VET Programs, vocational guidance and counselling services for youth and adults, job search support service, digital literacy, youth employment programs, work-based training programs and job placement programs.
  2. Children, youth and families Area: day centres for children and teenagers, alternative educational paths for early school leaving prevention, family intervention program, psychotherapeutic support and extrajudicial measures program for young offenders.
  3. Social Inclusion Area: residential aftercare, reception resources for young asylum seekers, residential care for unaccompanied minors, street education, literacy and Spanish courses and Social work for the coverage of basic needs
  4. Awareness-raising and volunteering Area: community-based project for social inclusion of migrant population, social and corporate volunteering

Our work with vulnerable population is broad and adapted to the needs detected in the different places in which our centres are located. The objective of this holistic approach is to tackle the diverse and real problems of our beneficiaries so as to facilitate their integration and personal and professional development. In order to achieve this, a person-centered methodology based on individual accompaniment is used as the central axis that supports the rest of actions.

Pinardi, as LIME associated, is in charge of the coordination of the territorial cluster working group for the Spanish cluster and the development of the Spanish pilot, as well as giving support in the development of the capacity building that will be imparted for the use of the model that will be developed during this project and its dissemination.

Country : Madrid, Spain
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